Have Questions About Cell Phone Repair?

If you have questions about warranties, what’s wrong with your device, or how iTech’s repair services works, this section is for you! We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions about cell phone repairs and our services. Get answers to our FAQs below! Please call us if you have any more questions.

At iTeck Repair®, we repair cell phones on a daily basis. In addition, we are capable of handling all sorts of electronic repairs including laptops, tablets & gaming systems, Motherboards, Drones

We specialize in:

  • iPad repair
  • iPod repair
  • Xbox repair
  • Playstation repair
  • Wii repair
  • iPhone repair
  • Samsung repair
  • HTC repair
  • laptop repair
  • Drone repair
  • & so much more!

After you’ve removed your device from the water, dry the outside of the phone with a cloth or napkin being careful to not press any buttons. If possible, remove the battery to decrease the likelihood of a short circuit. 

If the battery is non removable put the phone to dry in the sun or close to a heat source.  DO NOT PUT IN ANY TYPE OF OVEN OR MICROWAVE!!

Bring your liquid damaged item to iTech Repair® and we will gladly take over from there!

The typical cell phone battery life begins to deteriorate after roughly 365 charging cycles. The average user will reach this point in about 1-2 years of regular usage.  To save your battery try to not recharge it everyday.

Your Apple iPhone and most smartphones carry a one year warranty but when your phone becomes water damaged, your warranty protection becomes void.

While there’s always someone who can fix your device cheaper, beware of prices that seem too good to be true. A cheap repair from other guys often involves sub-par untested replacement parts, further damaging devices, which means more repairs headaches in the future.

At iTeck Repair we believe in using top-quality parts and upholding the highest standards to ensure we get every repair right. Our repairs are trustworthy—we use professional-grade replacement parts, provide lifetime warranties on repairs and are always there to help with any future issues.

If your phone is not charging altogether, check to see if the port is dirty try cleaning it with a paper clip. If your charging port is loose you will most likely need a charging port replacement. If your charging port is not loose or dirty and can be firmly plugged in, you are most likely in need of a placement battery.

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Most Popular Repair Services

Screen Repair

Cracked glass/touch screen, dark ink like blemishes, touch screen non responsive, screen discolouration.

Speaker/Mic Repair

Can no one hear you on the phone? Or can you not hear them on the phone?, muffled sound, music not playing properly.

Charging Port Repair

Example: while phone is plugged in your device no longer charges up.

Battery Repair

Where you have to charge your device more often than usual and the device runs out of power quicker and quicker.

External Button Repair

Sleep wake button unresponsive, volume up and volume down buttons no longer working correctly, home button not working

Liquid Damage Repair

Unfortunately there are still phones out there that are not water proof, for those types of phones we can do our best to try and revive a phone has been exposed to any kind of liquid.

We want what you want, professional and quality service, and a quick turnaround. That’s why we only use the best parts available. And we guarantee our work and our service.

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